We deliver workshops and seminars on a variety of topics to help you Eat Well, Work Well and Live Well.

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Eat Well

Too Busy to Eat Well

Are you buying takeaways because you don't want to cook every night of the week? Do you buy a lot of items from the supermarket on the spur of the moment, hoping you'll get around to using it - but never do? Is your pantry chaotic because you haven't found the time, motivation or COURAGE to open those doors? Is your kitchen used for everything BUT cooking?

In this workshop discover how easy it is to get healthy, have more energy and feel great by getting back to basics and how to give your kitchen a healthy makeover. Simplify dinner time, save dollars and all that mental energy tied up with Solving the What’s for Dinner Challenge!

Food for a Happy and Calm Household

We are the approved presenters of Australian Best Seller by Julie Eady Additive Alert - Your Guide to Safer Shopping.

The workshops (1 or 2 hour) are perfect for information nights at preschools, childcare centres, schools, playgroups, and school tuckshops; mothers groups, pregnant women and women contemplating pregnancy.

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Live Well

Revamp Your Life: It all starts with your handbag!

Everything you need to know about Revamping Your Life you can learn from your handbag! If you want to change your life, or just make life a little easier – get organised! We share our favourite organising techniques, tips, and products geared toward your group. The best part - there's no hard sell! We just give you the inside scoop on organising products that we use and our clients love!

Find Your Kitchen Bench: How to Deal with Pesky Paperwork.

Drowning in paper clutter on your kitchen bench? Learn the simple steps you can put into practice immediately to manage these growing mounds! Learn how to eliminate paper clutter and create an effective paper filing system, and how to choose the right products and containers for your pesky paperwork!

Work Well

In October 2011 we joined forces with with Australian Author and Leadership Coach Kerrie Phipps to launch our series of workshops designed for managers, team leaders and business owners.

If your organisation would like this session delivered in house, contact us to find out more!

  • The Inner World of Inspiring Leaders – Thursday 27 October - Click here to download the brochure.

  • Boosting Personal Effectivness and Productivity At Work – Monday 31 October - Click here to download the brochure.

  • Social media and Stategic Communication – Monday 31 October - Click here to download the brochure.
We deliver the ever popular Food for a Happy and Calm Household session to help to demystify what's in the foods we eat.

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Fabulous Reviews from Our Fabulous Clients

Hello again Louise, just wanted to say it was a pleasure listening to you speak about the Revamp process tonight and your enthusiasm is amazing. It's been a while since I have seen such passion in someone. I really did appreciate the idea of applying the Revamp process to my weight and look forward to truly applying that in my life. Thank you.
(via email)
Hi Louise I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so very very much for your talk on Wednesday night. You are the best presenter I have ever had the pleasure of encountering..... Anyway I know it is onwards and upwards from here for my beautiful family and I hope my little boy (in particular) will have less emotional/mood fluctuations.
With deep respect and gratitude
(via email)
Louise is an engaging presenter who is passionate about helping people. The session was both practical and entertaining and Louise provided lots of opportunities for interaction and learning. I have received many positive comments from attendees about the valuable information they received and how it will improve the quality of foods they provide to their families. Thank you so much for delivering your workshop at our school.
Carol Taylor
Tuckshop Convenor - Holy Spirit School, New Farm
Louise is clearly a passionate and experienced professional who is committed to scientific understanding. This session really opens your eyes to becoming a conscious consumer and how you do have a choice! The practical skills and insights that you get from Louise and other attendees made it a very valuable evening. This session and the Additive Alert book will make a big impact on my health, the health of my family, and the children in our care.

Melissa Bergh
Lead Coordinator -
C&K Northside Family Day Care Scheme, Brisbane