If your wardrobe is driving you mad and stopping you getting out the door on time, it’s time to create a less frazzled start to the day!  We show you how your wardrobe can keep YOU organised!
We work with you to think about your lifestyle, identify how you need your wardrobe to function first thing in the morning, and give you strategies to help you only keep the clothes you absolutely positively feel fabulous in!

In Person Wardrobe Revamp Kick Start

Wardrobe Revamp Kick Start ​(Virtual)  Package

Our in person Wardrobe Revamp Kick Start is a 4 part package which includes an action plan plus a 1 on 1 session.
  • Part 1: You complete an organising questionnaire and send through photos of your wardrobe.  We analyse your questionnaire and photos, research products and email you our recommendations.
  • Part 2: Once we get your preferences we'll purchase the products and bring them to the session with us.   We also return whatever products aren't used.
  • Part 3: During our half day one-on-one session we help you get started. You'll see changes and you'll be energised to continue!  
  • Part 4: We drop off any clothing donations you wish to your chosen charity and return organising products aren't used.
4 part package costs AUD $525 (plus GST).  (* please allow extra for organising products used) 
Our Virtual version of the Wardrobe Kick Start is a three part package which includes an action plan plus two virtual 1 on 1 sessions.  ​
  • Part 1: You complete an organising questionnaire and send through photos of your wardrobe. We will analyse your questionnaire and your photos. We'll research products that we think will work for your wardrobe and email you our recommedations of products.  
  • Part 2: We'll have a skype session and discuss the recommendations and products we suggest you buy.
  • Part 3:  During our 3 hour one-on-one session we help you get started. You'll have purchased the products and we are there with you virtually to organise the space.  We'll be mentoring you throughout the process and  you'll be energised to continue!  
3 part package costs AUD $395 (plus GST).  (* please allow extra for organising products used) 

Fabulous Feedback  from Fabulous Clients

As an entrepreneur, I value working with a professional, after all there are only so many seconds in the day.  I would have wasted at least 48 hours trying to organise my wardrobe myself, and would never have gotten it so right!  Right from the get go, you were helpful and I knew from the pre-work we both completed, compared to others, you offer a well thought out and sophisticated service. 

You were immediately focused on understanding my problems and needs, and the solutions you suggested during the planning phase were perfect.  I loved how you completely nailed the brief even before you arrived on my doorstep.  You were so well prepared with all the products and I now have a system and an amazing wardrobe space that gives me peace and the perfect start to my day.  Everything is in its place and because I was involved in co-creating the system, I am finding it so easy to maintain and stay organised. 

Without you I would never have achieved what we did in that short period of time, once again reiterating why it’s worth the investment to work with an expert! 

Kimberly Gonzalez