Time and Energy Revamp
When you're not focused a day can fly by without achieving anything. Our Time and Energy Revamp can help you look at how you use your time and schedule and how your habits influence how much or how little you get done in a day.  You might know all the tips and read every productivity book out there, but you're getting stuck on implementing the advice.  That's where we help.  Embedding those ideas into habits through cultivating systems for living, working and thriving! You'll learn the strategies necessary for WELL Productivity™. 

Time and Energy Management Mentoring  and Coaching

​Research shows when we are low in energy our concentration and productivity suffers. I work with clients to deliver a program that will help you tackle your to do's, and boost your productivity and your health by focusing on building your energy management and time management skills. 

As part of our Time and Energy Management Mentoring and Coaching Program I deliver Julie Morgenstern's trademarked G.P.S.™ system (I am one of a handful of organisers in Australia personally trained by Julie in this method). G.P.S.™ is a proven methodology used by top excecutives throughout the world to boost their productivity and help them focus on the RIGHT things everyday.   

As part of this program I add mentoring in the unique WELL Productivity™ concepts to ensure you are not only working well, you're energy is managed! It's all about living well so that the stress of work or running your own business doesn't run you into the ground.  My  goal is to help you create a healthy and balanced lifestyle for what matters most to you.  ​As a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser I mentor my clients in the essential skills I use every single day to keep on track!   I know first hand if you're not taking care of yourself and cultivating and renewing your energy, you're on the road to burn out.   

​ ​The Details:  3  month Time and Energy Management Revamp

During each session and in the email support between sessions we will explore your insights.  I'll share what I see going on for you, and together we'll co-create solutions and strategies.  If you’re prepared to work in a collaborative way to achieve your goals, I’d love to support you.  If you commit to the process and are willing to take action and do the work that's essential to reclaim your life, I'll be there with bucket loads of encouragement and enthusiasm to keep you going! ​ The program includes:
  • 6 x 1 on 1 Sessions over 3 months
    • After each session you'll receive a summary with actions, relevant templates, checklists and guides
    • Month 1:  Your kickoff month includes 2 x action-packed 2 hour skype sessions plus email support  
    • Month 2: We have 1 x action-packed ​2 hour skype session and 1 x 60 min power sessions plus email support​ 
    • Month 3: We have ​2 x 60 min power sessions plus email support
  • After the program: 
    • We'll check in with you 3 months after the conclusion of our program to see how  you are progressing and help you tweak things!
3 month package costs AUD $415 per month (plus gst)  
or 1 payment of AUD $1095 (plus GST)