Seminars and Webinars
Specialising in the areas of Eating Well - Thinking Well - Working Well - to Live Well
My aim is to help audiences get the best out of life!  My passion is helping people to find more time, energy and balance, professionally and personally, for what matters most in their lives – and to give them a laugh in the process.   I'm an experienced and engaging presenter and workshop facilitator and have shared the Eat Well, Work Well, Think Well for Life message in hundreds of sessions over the past 20 years.

I bring an informative and fun approach to our workshops utilising over 20 years experience in nutrition, wellness and occupational health across the non government sector, government and private industry to show organisations how to be healthier while you work, and healthier overall.  I have delivered sessions throughout Australia - from Queensland to Western Australia and Central West New South Wales!  Our workshops can be designed for business owners, managers, team leaders and members of the local community.  

Corporate  Health Programs

Our workshops and organisational services can be delivered in house as well as part of a Conference, Workplace Wellness Program, for example: Lunch time learning or Walk and Learn sessions, Supermarket tours, and Time-Energy Management/ Productivity coaching. ​ ​​I present on a number of topics, including:
  • WELL Productivity® 
  • Productivity's Triple Threat™ 
  • Food for a Happy and Calm Workplace
  • Food for a Happy and Calm Household
Please visit my dedicated website: and contact me on 0408 723 559 if you have any speaking or workshop requests

WELL Productivity Professional ® Support Program 

Consisting of four concepts, when established and embedded in our daily lives as mindful practices, WELL Productivity® recognises life is about ensuring our ‘wells’ in various areas are filled. Knowing what things energise us (and top up our wells), and what de-energises (and depletes our well). Each aspect of WELL Productivity® recognises there is no cookie cutter approach to ‘work-life balance’. It is more about understanding each element and how it integrates into our life. I’ve struggled to implement the wisdom in my own life. That’s why I know that this concept is on the right path.

The research tells a similar story. In a nutshell the most productive employees are the healthiest. Studies show conflict between work and family has been associated with sick leave, poor physical and mental health in workers.   Healthy workers with healthy families, result in a more productive workforce.   Research commissioned by Medibank Private found a measurable link between a person’s health and lifestyle and how productive they are at work.   Employees with poor overall health status are far more likely to be absent from work and are nine times more likely to have sick days, compared to healthy employees. Whilst absenteeism is acknowledged as a real problem in the workplace in the research, presenteeism poses a greater risk as it largely goes unnoticed, or unattended.

When established and embedded in our daily lives as mindful practices, WELL Productivity® has the capacity to enrich the quality of our lives.   WELL Productivity® focuses on helping organisations cultivate positive, productive and positive people that operate at peak performance.  If you need to a cost effective program to support productive habits in your organisation so you can achieve all you want but don't know how, check out the website:

Public Events

I regularly present sessions that focus on the foundation element of EATING WELL and getting organised for low additive eating as part of my role as the East Coast's Additive Alert Community Talk's Presenter.

Check out our dedicated Food Blog - Meal Planning Your Way for dates.

The Swagger Project

I'm thrilled to be part of Alli & Co's The Swagger Project - a unique, content-packed program that helps women "get their swagger on" in business and in life. 

As a member of The Swagger Project Team, I'm honoured to be supporting ladies with the skills and insights they need to help them create an amazing life and/or successful business.  
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Louise D'Allura
Professional Speaker and
Workshop Facilitator