REVAMP Strategy Session

Get the advice you need when you're not  sure where to start

This strategy session will help you formulate a plan of attack to make your work life and home life easier.  

Get solutions for up to 2 problem areas you're struggling to address.  Together we'll work out what areas you need help with and areas you can work on, on your own.

It's a great way to manage your budget and at the same time get the advice of an expert to discuss problem areas you're struggling to find solutions to. 

The Revamp Strategy Session is delivered either in person or via Skype. Our Strategy Session is a three part package.
  • Part 1: You complete an Intake Questionnaire (Visioning and Goals) and send through photos.   
    • We will analyse your questionnaire and your photos.  We aim to understand going on for you and identify the 2 problem areas you're struggling to address.  
  • Part 2: The 3 hour one-on-one session
    • Together we'll work out what areas you need help with and areas you can work on, on your own.​
    • We will chat about your goals, what you need from your 2 focus spaces and how you need them to function.  
    • We tour/ discuss the problem areas to identify what's working and what's not;
    • Brainstorm ideas and a strategy for moving forward;
    • Help you decide which tasks you will tackle on your own for homework and which you need help with.
    • You'll receive guides and templates to help you jot down your insights and the ideas and strategies we recommend.
  • Part 3:  A follow up check in call via phone/ skype to discuss your organising project progress and address stumbling blocks. 
Pricing starts from $295 (plus GST) 

Fabulous Reviews from  Fabulous Clients

I am a very organised person but the one area where things got the better of me was my home based office.  I felt overwhelmed by my office and needed to get some structure restored in it.  Having met and spoken to you a few times I felt you were the right person for the job.   I felt you would tell it like it is as well as listen to me and my needs as well.  I knew you would take a collaborative approach.  ​Working with you has helped me save time and a lot of wasted mental energy!   If you’re a business owner and struggling to see the forest for the trees, Louise can help you keep on top of things in a way that works for you.  
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'Life isn't about living without problems. Life is about solving problems.'

Tom Krause (Finnish Opera Singer)

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