Office Revamp
​Can't remember the last time you've seen the top of your desk? Dread thinking about the bills you didn't get around to paying, appointments you missed or not knowing where an important document is?  We can help you address the causes of your disorganisation - not just the symptoms.  We work with clients in person (Brisbane, Australia) or worldwide via Skype.

If you want help to kickstart or create a fabulous and functional office space with systems that are intuitive for how you think and work, we help you create the systems and identify the habits you need to cultivate in order to maintain the order we create.​  

No matter which option you choose - in person or virtual, I share insights into the organising errors and blocks that I see going on for you in terms of your system and work space, we co-create solutions and strategies and I provide bucket loads of encouragement and enthusiasm to keep you going!!!! ​We also begin to explore how your schedule is impacting your time to deal with paperwork.

In Person Customised  Office Revamp Packages 

Office Revamp Package (Virtual)  

This is perfect if you are too busy, or will not do the task unless someone is there with you to make it happen!  Together we create an Action Plan to get your space, layout and systems right, and then we work with you to transform your home office, work nook or organisation into an organised and productive workspace!  

Our in person Office and Paperwork Kick Start is a 5 part package:
  • Part 1: You complete an organising questionnaire and send through photos of your office.  We analyse your questionnaire and photos, research products.
  • Part 2: We connect via Skype/ Zoom and chat about our recommendations and gather your feedback and preferences on products.  We'll purchase the products and bring them to the session with us.   We also return whatever products aren't used.
  • Part 3: During our full day one-on-one session we help you get started.  We will have an AART of paper system mapped out for implementation. You will have homework, but you will get the kickstart you need - you'll see changes AND you'll be energised to continue!  Imagine how great that will feel!!!!
  • Part 4: We return organising products that aren't used.
  • Part 5: We have 2 x coaching sessions after the session to see how you are going and talk about the next stage (your schedule) - to FIND TIME to process your paperwork!
5 part package from AUD $795 (plus GST)  (* please allow extra for organising products used) 

Fabulous Reviews from Fabulous Clients

Yes I could have cleaned up my office/junk room myself (probably not as well or as quickly), but at the end of the day it would have been "tidy", but not organised, and definitely not a space that helped me.  I am so thrilled with what you have set up. You will be delighted to know I have already utilised your filing system on numerous occasions for items that otherwise would have been the 'kindling' for my next paper work pile.  It has given me a real kick to know there is somewhere to put things, and to know I will save so much time when I go to look for them again.  I have thought of a couple of extra things to add so I will be off to Officeworks this week for a couple off extra hanging files, but otherwise it's great. I couldn't have imagined a more productive day,  and you are so well prepared with items on hand. This would also have been a downfall for me, I could never have chosen appropriate equipment to aid the process (or it would have taken me weeks to get around to, by which time I would have had another pile of paper brewing!)   ​Ms N, Brisbane
Taking the step to organise with the help of Revamp was one of the best decisions I have ever made in the workplace situation. Louise was a joy to work with and my office is now functioning as it should. I am so happy with how it all turned out.   Elizabeth Taylor
If you want to work together via Skype our Office Revamp Package might suit you!

This package includes:
  • Part 1: You complete an organising questionnaire and send through photos of your office.  We analyse your questionnaire and photos, research products.
  • Part 2: We connect via Skype/ Zoom and chat about our recommendations and gather your feedback and preferences on products.  We'll suggest the products / organise a delivery from Officeworks!
  • Part 3:  3 x action-packed 2 hour Skype/ Zoom sessions to tackle the area of greatest priority, plus email support. After each session you'll receive a summary with actions, relevant templates, checklists and guides.  We will research and recommend the best organising products and solutions that are perfect for you and send you little extras to help make the journey so much easier.  
  • Part 4:  We also include 2 x coaching sessions plus email support to see how you are going and talk about the next stage (your schedule) - to FIND TIME to process your paperwork!
1 payment of AUD $615 (plus GST)  or AUD $225 x 3 (plus gst)  (* please allow extra for organising products that you need to buy) ​

​Fabulous Reviews  from a Virtual (Skype) Client

I was a mess of paperwork, behind on paying bills & could not find anything quickly. I thought I had a filing system that was ok but nothing was working.  I would get upset because of the amount of work but never knew where to start. When Louise said we had the meetings over Skype (I am in Dubbo NSW) I was very doubtful of how this was going to work, I had heard good things about Louise so I wanted to give it a try.

What I liked most was how easy it was, it took time to set up the filing system but Louise sent me the tags that she had made up for me so that saved time. Everything was made easy as even the few things I had to buy I had a photo of so I knew what to look for straight away. My filing system is now so easy. Everything has a place including projects I am working on. I have a desk that does NOT have loose paper everywhere. If anyone needs anything it is 2 mins to find it instead of an upset hour.  I have learnt what to delegate & that I am better at my job when I have a clear mind & organised office.

I am so thrilled with how I am now feeling and how everyone is working better around me.  I would recommend it to anyone in business who is feeling overwhelmed with the mounting paperwork, time management, anyone just wanting to get organised.  Mainly if I could suggest to any new business starting up to get Louise in to help set the office up at the beginning. Setting up properly at the beginning would save time and stress later on.          ​  N Lindner, NSW  (Motel Owner & Food Franchise Owner)