You're an .....
Meal planning is a must have necessity of your life!

You follow it religiously and love the stability it brings to your life. You know and your family knows what’s on the table tonight and next week.

At a pinch, you’d be able to tell them what’s on the menu in three weeks. When you have your menus sorted, life feels that little bit under control. Ok in one area at least!

Want to learn more about your Meal Planning Personality?

Now that you’ve uncovered your Meal Planning Personality®, the next step is to choose the tools that work best with your Meal Planning Personality Profile®!
Play to your strengths and avoid the tools that will frustrate you!

The best resource for the  The Architect Meal Planning Personality ®, is the Guide Too Busy to Eat Well. It is your Guide to saving time, money and stress while you solve the ‘What’s for Dinner’ Challenge!
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The Guide is is available for immediate download as an ebook or a printed booklet.


Get Too Busy to Eat Well