Food Education

Our Food Education programs are led by Qualified Home Economist/ Nutritionist and Expert Professional Organiser, Louise D'Allura.

We love educating our clients about food and getting back to basics. If you don't like cooking we can teach you about the foods you're giving your family and show you short cuts so you don't have to cook every night of the week!

Supermarket School

At Supermarket school we help you revamp your supermarket shopping experience by demystifying the jargon! You'll get the inside scoop on making healthy food choices, understanding food labels and loads of tips to get organised for healthy eating!

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Choosing the best foods for a happy and calm household!

Do you know what's really in the food you're eating?

We'll show you how to make wise food choices and how to improve your eating habits for a happy and calm household!

We are also approved presenters of Australian Best Seller by Julie Eady Additive Alert - Your Guide to Safer Shopping.

Our workshops are perfect for information nights at preschools, childcare centres, schools, playgroups, and school tuckshops; mothers groups, pregnant women and women contemplating pregnancy.

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Get Organised for Healthy Eating in 21 days

One of the proven techniques for losing weight is getting organised. This program helps you shed light on the organising and thinking errors that are stopping you!

We kick the program off with a questionnaire and a one-on one consultation to get you in the right headspace. Then, over 3 weeks you'll be introduced to the 6 fundamentals which form the pillars of long term successful weight loss and healthy living.

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Our favourite cookbooks!

We are so asked so often about the books we use and love that we've put together a little collection of our favourite titles of cookbooks and organising books.

Click here to peruse and purchase via Fishpond, an Australian online bookstore.

Friendly disclosure:
We are an affiliate of Fishpond which means if you click to purchase books via this link we receive a percentage of your purchase.
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Jamie Oliver on Home Economists:

'These girls know how to teach people about home cooking and they’re a dying breed. Their profession got wartime Britain’s health back on track. We need them again now, to show us the basic food skills like how to shop for ingredients, how to use equipment, how to make the most of local and seasonal food, and how to make good simple meals on a tight budget.'