Fab Finds We Love
Here we share with you our favourite products – ones we use and happily recommend.

Our Director Louise D’Allura has a thing for bags! So it comes as no surprise that most of our fab finds at this point, feature bags.


We love how the Fizbag design team draw inspiration from their own busy lives to create stylish bag products with practicality for everyday organisation! We’re sure you’ll love these clever little solutions too.

The Escape Collection

Designed for the busy woman Fizbag's Escape Collection is perfect for saving space - in the wardrobe and when you travel! The range features three bag sizes:

  • Weekender Bag – Great for those last minutes getaways, roll up to fit in your bag or suitcase or use as hand luggage.
  • Handbag – Take as a second handbag for those special occasions out when travelling abroad, neatly rolls and fits into the smallest of cases.
  • Cosmetic Purse – Perfect when travelling to keep your make-up or toiletries in one place with our stylish bag.

Available in four fabulous colours, we are proud to share with you this range!

Fizbag Original

Your new everywhere bag! It’s a little space-saving gem that opens up into a BIG reusable shopping bag so it's always there when you need it, wherever you are - shopping at the supermarket, on the beach, at the airport!

It’s super easy to repack into the pouch. Simply fold along the memory creases, roll up and slide inside so it can’t escape and your bag is protected until its next outing.