​Coaching for busy professionals,  educators, managers and business owners.  

Rave Reviews
I have been in business for 12 years and believe I understand business pretty well. I also know that I need fresh eyes on my business from time to time to help me see opportunities that I have overlooked. I chose Louise D’Allura to help me get unstuck when I recognised that I was not achieving some key business goals in taking my business to the next level. One session with Louise helped me see where the sticking points were and one idea alone has saved me months of time and thousands of dollars. I was impressed with how Louise combined her business smarts and challenged my beliefs to get to the heart of the issues. I highly recommend Louise D’Allura to proactive small business owners who are serious about moving forward with their business and life.
Narelle Todd –
What are the benefits?
If you want to change your life you could do it on your own, but the more we learn about highly successful people, we see a few common themes, in particular, they all have a coach.  That’s the person who reminds you not to lose sight of your vision.  When you stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone, big magic can happen.   As a coach I have no agenda - other than reminding you of what  truly matters to you and help you bust the blocks getting in your way. Coaching engagements generally will help you have: 
  • Increased self awareness 
  • Increased effectiveness and productivity 
  • Clarity over the important things in your life 
  • Increased personal resilience and wellbeing 
  • Increased self confidence 
If you’re prepared to commit to the process and are willing to take action and do the work that's essential to reclaim your life, I'll be there with bucket loads of encouragement and enthusiasm to keep you going! 

How it works 
We start with a 2 hour  “Too Busy to Live Well” Coaching Strategy session ($395 plus gst).  This session will help you gain clarity on the areas of your life you want to work on, and three goals to focus on over the next few months.   You can then decide if you'd like to work with me as your coach on these areas in a formal 12 session coaching program engagement.

How long is the coaching program?
12 sessions delivered over 3-4 months, with roughly one 75 minute session every week (3 month engagement) or week and a half (4 month engagement).
The sessions are conducted in a structured format either face to face (in Chermside Queensland) or over the phone. In each session we explore actions undertaken and discuss what has come up for you in the course of taking action.  The focus is always to identify barriers, unhelpful thinking and find new ways of thinking about things, to keep you moving forward towards your goals.

How is this different to your other services?
If you are looking for a mentor or consultant where I provide the advice, our other programs might be more suitable.   Coaching is about you coming up with your own strategies, having your own insights and training the brain to think things through.  ​There is homework every single session and you'll be taking action on what's important to you.  I'm there as your sounding board for support and to help you get clarity. 

What's involved?
Having a coach is a different level of commitment than most people make, because it's about making a commitment to yourself that is often outside of our comfort zones.  Being accountable to yourself and your coach is how the big magic happens!   The more we learn about highly successful people, we see the vast majority have a coach - they know success is about the mental game, as much as about the planning, preparation and being organised!   If you are prepared to commit to the process and are willing to take action, I'll be there with bucket loads of encouragement and enthusiasm to keep you going!

At the start of the program and throughout the coaching engagement there are a range of questionnaires that I use, values identification processes and lots of templates to support you on your journey.  These are essential to the process and ensure that we are both on the same page.  At the end of every session I send the summary actions and any resource recommendations that will be helpful for the homework tasks you've set for yourself. 
​About Me (Louise D'Allura)
I've been trained in Brain Based Coaching methodologies by the NeuroLeadership Institute which delivers qualifications recognised by the International Coach Federation.  NeuroLeadership Coaching focuses on applying the latest brain research to improve performance and achieve goals. 

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I work with clients throughout Australia and Internationally to help them find more time, energy and balance for what matters most.    I help clients address factors that impact upon their focus, mindfulness and productivity at work and at home.

For almost two decades I have worked across government, non-government and in the private sector in areas of nutrition, health promotion, corporate wellness, productivity, Occupational health and safety and organisational skills.  I have spoken in the media on these topics since 1997, and have worked running my own business in the last 7 years specifically supporting clients regain their productivity, wellbeing, focus and attention by understanding the impact of the clutter in their lives (physical environment), in their schedule, commitments and mental clutter that comes from distracting behaviours and habits. 

As a qualified Home Economist I am particularly passionate about supporting clients in addressing the demands, pressure and overwhelm that comes with “work life balance.”  I've personally made every mistake under the sun when it comes to work life balance, so I make my clients feel normal!  The good news is the topics we can address in a coaching engagement are unlimited! 

Is it worth it?
This article in the Huffington Post shares some further insights into the investment and benefits of coaching.  Having my own coach is essential and I couldn't agree more with the benefits this article shares!

Coaching is about “identifying how we want to change our lives (or change the world) and then moving all the fear and limiting beliefs that block us from letting out our brilliance.…. what is truly empowering is having someone with a highly calibrated BS detector who will tell me when they don't believe the stories I tell myself. There is nothing more helpful than someone with a perspective much larger than my own who, after a one-hour conversation, leaves me wondering how I could have possibly been thinking so small and expecting so little of my life.  The purpose of a large investment is never to buy a coach's investment in me (because that is already a given). It is to get me deeply, truly invested in myself.”  

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