Case Study - Organise My Kitchen

Organising the kitchen has saved this family $100 a month! This family now has an extra $1200 a year to enjoy with their family and friends!

Setting the scene

A busy professional couple with two teenagers, and a home based business. She loves to cook, he loves to cook and they both make a lot of meals from scratch. The kitchen is used by everyone and stuff is everywhere!

Our mission

Create defined places for items, create a dedicated second pantry and improve access to items.

The plan

During the assessment we focused on clarifying their needs, and asked lots of questions to identify ways to improve functionality and maximise useable space and storage.

Together with our client we determined we needed to:
  • Create defined homes for items (including food, kitchen equipment, plates, plastic containers and platters).
  • Reduce kitchen bench top clutter.
  • Create space in the kitchen and dining room bureau for items that needed homes.
  • Use storage space in the laundry's built-in storage cupboards (conveniently located next door to the kitchen) to create a dedicated second pantry for bulk and specialty food items.
  • Determine which items would be kept in the every day pantry vs. second pantry.

The result

Our client was very happy with the result – as well as surprised at how much could be achieved with a full day organising session. They've had positive feedback from a relative on the transformation of the kitchen and laundry, plus while they were overseas their teenage children could easily cook for themselves as everything was easy to find and could keep the pantry in its original order!! What's even better? Our client reported financial benefits since using our service!

"On average I would end up throwing away about $100 worth of food a month because I couldn’t find what I had. I’ve been able to decrease
  • the amount of money I spend;
  • food wastage;
  • the amount that I am putting into landfill; and
  • green house gases from fewer trips to the store!
I would never have dreamed that getting my kitchen organised could have such benefits!"

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