A Few of Our Favourite Things!
Our Director Louise D'Allura shares a few of her favourite things - cookbooks and homewares!

All items can be purchased from Fishpond - a great Australian online bookstore (this is where we buy our books).

Our favourite cookbooks

This would rate as my all time favourite cookbook! That's a big call I know, but the simple step by step photos are great - especially if you are visual like me and you like to see how it all happens. There are so many wonderful recipes in Jamie's Ministry of Food cookbook, many are on high rotation in our house!
Another great cookbook from Mr Oliver! In Jamie's 30 Minute Meals Jamie shows how to be organised to create a beautiful meal from scratch - all within 30 minutes! Clever, Clever, Clever! My favourite recipes so far include the Piri Piri chicken and pregnant Jools' pasta, Crispy Skinned Salmon to name a few!
Ok, so I love Jamie's 30 minute meals so it will come as NO surprise I love the 15 minute meals book too! It shows you just how easy it is to make tasty food quickly.
Another book on my shelf! I love so many recipes in Jamie's Italy. He has done a great job to bring together a good cook book on how to create Italian and Italian inspired recipes at home. I especially like the risottos.
Jamie's Dinners has some really yummy and simple family recipes. One of my favourites is an eggplant and bocconcini pasta. It is so delicious!!
"Serendip" by chef Peter Kuruvita is magnificent. A dear Sri Lankan friend taught me her recipes and Peter's are very close to her beautiful spicy meals. So many of these dishes can be made in under 30 minutes.

Another book written by US organising guru Julie Morgenstern. Julie takes her inside out approach to how we use our time. A brilliant approach.


I love this Joesph Joesph nesting bowl set for its practical space saving design! It contains: 4 measuring cups (1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup), small mixing bowl with measurements, sieve, colander and large non-slip mixing bowl. I love it!
The most amazing and functional garlic press you can own! Press and Slices your garlic - you choose!