Get Organised for Christmas
by Louise D'Allura on November 13th, 2015

Even though I'm a professional organiser I'm always surprised at how quickly Christmas comes around.  To make it easy for myself I thought I'd share the questions I'm asking myself as I enter  the XMAS Countdown!

1) WHERE do you need to be and on what days? 
Start to sus out where you need to be on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day? Boxing Day? Knowing which days your dance card is full, helps a lot!

2) WHAT do you need to do for each Christmas event?
Are you hosting or just bringing a dish? 
Knowing this helps you to work out your tasks for the next few weeks! Do you need to pick a dish or plan a whole menu and work out who can bring what and which rooms of the house you must absolutely positively get organised vs which you can leave locked!!!!!  Remember I am an organiser for the real world - we need to prioritise ;) 

If you’ve started to plan your Christmas Menu check out the ideas we’ve put together on our dedicated food blog - you'll find lots of ideas to simplify your Christmas Menu (making it healthier to boot).

Be sure to look at these posts on Revamps - it is a  strategy for using up those Christmas Leftovers - and it will help you with meal planning all year!  Click here to learn more.

3) Presents - WHO!? 
WHO needs to go on your list of naughty or nice?  First part is just sort out WHO (and if you need to POST any gifts - these are the ones we want to get CRACKING WITH ASAP!!!!).

4) Presents - WHAT?
What can you give? Is it possible to suggest food/ alcohol, setting up a secret santa style gift for the adults or request gift cards if your house can't cope with any more stuff?   Don't add clutter to people's lives!!! Do what you can to resist it - or be a kill joy and ask them outright "I was thinking of getting you this..... Would this be something you'd actually like?"

Don't forget to brainstorm experience gift ideas.  These don't have to be expensive and might be the gift of time (eg babysitting vouchers)?

5) Christmas Cards - To card or not to card - that is the question?
If you do write cards work out who and where do they live - overseas/ interstate/ locally. This way you know which cards you need to write first. Next week you might start looking around for gorgeous cards to buy. If on the other hand you are a crafty chick or guy, no doubt you are on the ball getting your stash of cards prepared! 

So these are the questions I'm working through.  What about you?  What other questions are on your list?  I'd love to hear!!

I hope you have a great Christmas with your loved ones!  
​Take care 

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