Themes for 2015
by Louise D'Allura on January 8th, 2015

​​Isn't this time of year rather exciting?  It's the calm before the storm and we are all wondering the same thing - what will 2015 hold for us?  

One of the things I LOVE doing is reading around the themes for the year ahead and what the general feeling is for the coming year.  I read a variety of sources - yes some of them are from woo woo sources (Chinese New Year, Numerology, Astrology etc), but from all accounts 2015 it is rather interesting and it looks like a GREAT year!  
Regardless of what you believe though - or don't believe, at the start of every year, and in fact everyDAY, and every MOMENT we ALL have a choice.

That choice is to make this YEAR, DAY or MOMENT different from the last.

Have you heard that amusing definition of insanity? "Doing the SAME thing and expecting a DIFFERENT result."  Well I just love it!  It is a reminder that we need to be aware and conscious of what we are choosing to do - and not choosing to do.

So, let's get into what I've read about the themes for 2015:
  • Balance
    • including balancing the head and heart/ our masculine and feminine sides/ fear and love
  • Balancing our wellbeing
    • physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Letting go and decluttering the habits and things that de-energise us.
    • This in itself requires honest assessment of our choices and actions. When we know more we can do more, so gaining clarity and awareness and noticing what we are doing on auto pilot is going to be essential.
  • Doing more of what energises us
  • Honouring boundaries
    • Standing strong, being honest and clear on who you are and where you are
  • Focus is on going after what supports our life purpose - dreaming big, and taking ACTION. 
  • It's a YIN year* which is all about "feminine" energy (for both men and women), so that means showing compassion, love and kindness to yourself first then to others (* vs YANG year = masculine energy)
  • It's also the Chinese year of the Green Wooden Sheep (AKA goat/ ram).
    • The good news is "sheep" is a symbol of peace and harmony! I figure if we focus on achieving peace and harmony within ourselves, then our family, and broader community we are onto a good thing this year!

What do you think?
I'm rather excited by this list and know that in 2015 it is going to be about taking an honest assessment of our priorities, having faith in ourselves to find our own definition of balance and putting our attention to what matters most.  Taking the right small actions, over and over will see this year make a big difference to how we experience 2015.
​PS contact me if you want to know my favourite sources on the 2015 themes!

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