How do you start every day?
by Louise D'Allura on November 27th, 2014

I found this 8 minute video the other day featuring 8 fantastic questions to ask yourself every day. I thought they were absolutely brilliant and wanted to share them with you. These are questions Roger James Hamilton - a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics Profiling Tool, asks every day.  

Roger created my favourite profiling tool - Wealth Dynamics, and I have been a fan ever since I took the test 5 years ago!  It makes SO much sense and helps you accept and focus on what you do best.  

If you're a busy professional or business owner knowing what is NOT in your genius zone is GOLD.  This tool helps you see what you are best at so you don't have to feel bad like "I should be doing this or that".  Once you know what YOU do best - you can DELEGATE the rest!  Check out Wealth Dynamics here*:  

Ok enough about Roger's background - back to the QUESTIONS!!!  Roger suggests starting the day by asking these questions to get in the right mindset.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on these too.  Do you do something similiar?

Here is a summary of the questions Roger encourages us to ASK OURSELVES everyday:

The first three are about showing up:

Question 1.  What am I grateful for?

Roger says that asking this helps us to be 'present' to the world.  It helps us to not take things for granted. Being open and grateful means new things show up every day too.

Question 2.  Who do I love?

Who are the people you love most?  What he suggests is it isn't the person you expect.  Ie it might be someone you had an argument with and they help you to see the world in a new way - which is great! 

Question 3. Why am I so happy?

Roger suggests you focus on this question when things are especially tough because you'll ALWAYS come up with something, and these are the things that will provide the fuel and energy to supercharge your day.

These next two are about stepping up:

Question 4.  What am I committed to? 

Through thinking about this you take stock.  It is a question because it gets us thinking about the things we haven't been doing that are vitally important - so clearly the usual - exercise, health goals.  This is NOT focused on ploughing through your to do list.  It is about identifying if you're committed to health - whatever it is - you're just trying to find that one thing amongst it all that is the most important.

Question 5.  How committed am I?

This is a powerful question because it keeps us focused and noticing what is NOT in flow in our day.  Sometimes you'll see the same thing will show up - and it is about recognising that we might be committed to something that we think we SHOULD.  What are the things you are constantly pushing?  If you're committed that's great - but you might not have to give it all up yet.  

The next few questions are 'giving back' questions: 

Question 6.  What is my intention?

The classic line about getting your attention and intention aligned is key to create a day of inspiration!  Truely BEING in our day with clarity Roger says allows amazing things to happen during the day.  And we actually notice it!

Question 7.   What is my wish that I am ready for now?

Oh just like a Genie - with wishes - ask yourself this - and think about IF it was ANYTHING what would it be?

The goal might be "today I want to find a person to help me with the thing I've been struggling with?"  Or something as great as "today is the day I have an amazing moment with my family"

It is about setting the expectation that we want the right things to appear at the right time!

Question 8.  Why am I here?

Pretty profound question first in the morning but Roger says this brings meaning to everything.  Why are we here - in the here in now - in this time, place and with these people in our life?  We get to choose our energy and mood every single day, so we might as well be focused on making a difference.

I hope you love these questions as much as I do - I made the image and have it by my bed so that I can remember to ask these every day.  I've put in a link for you below too if you want to print it out too!  I think Roger really helps us with these questions to bring ourselves into our present moment and get ourselves self up for success.

Download the graphic to put by your bed by clicking here.
This link and the one below to Wealth Dynamics is an affiliate link - so if you prefer not to use it, just google "Wealth Dynamics"

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