How Brave are you?
by Louise D'Allura on July 10th, 2014

As you may know I am super proud to be one of The Swagger Project Chicks and I love our live events.  There is so much energy that comes from a room of women on a mission - to make their lives, homes and businesses as amazing as they can.  

This event will be no different.  In fact it will be even more so - a FULL day of real life learnings from a line up of women - showing us that we do have what it takes to make it work in business:
Lisa Messenger: Being Fearless in Business and the story of her own path to success.

Julie Cross: The Braver You Are, The Braver You Will Need To Be - no more excuses, it's time to make friends with failure!

Alli Grant: "Business Bravado: - Taking risks, facing fears, embracing innovation and creating revenue streams.

Monique Parker:  Roar! Fierce and fabulous marketing strategies to make more money doing what you love!

Kylie Patchett: How to fearlessly be the CEO (and not the slave) of your business.

Now I have to admit - am I brave in business?  I didn't think so - until one day this year in a phone conversation with my Dad.  He said - "you have so much courage to run your own business - you have so much get up and go!  You just get out there and keep going. I'm so proud of you."  Of course that made me cry!!!!  

I am blessed to have great parents who are proud of me, and remind me to stop and see how far I have come!  I didn't think of myself as brave until that conversation.  I'm just trying to run a business - and like us all I get bogged down in the doing.  Crazy but true isn't it?!

I've recognised running a business is hard work, working not just in the business, but on your mindset, your marketing, and keeping that "sprkle" going.  You learn so much about yourself - stretched in good ways and not so good ways.  All of it makes you a better and more determined, strong and also compassionate person.  I am positive of that!

I am so looking forward to this event - to continue my professional development, to learn, to be inspired and to meet a room full of awesome people! At $84 for the day this is the cheapest professional development you will ever do!!!!

I can't wait to see you there!! Click here to get your tickets.

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