Buried in Clutter?
by Louise D'Allura on June 14th, 2014

Ever ‘tidied’ your office or home to find it a mess again within the week?  
When you spend most of your time noticing where people’s time and organisation systems fall down, you discover something very curious.  It is never about the ‘stuff’.  

The ‘stuff’ is only ever a symptom of what’s really going on in your life – delayed decisions, multitasking, accumulating way too much for the space or too many to do’s for the time you have.

In this article, published in the fantastic Working Women's Magazine published by Women's Network Australia, I shine the spotlight on why we end up back at square one! 

You can read the FULL article in the Women's Network Australia Winter 2014 edition:
Keep reading the article by clicking here.

I also include an amazing quote from Oprah's Organiser Peter Walsh.  

Don't forget!

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