Get Organised: The Urge to Purge
by Louise D'Allura on October 10th, 2013

One of the things clients start noticing immediately when we are organising a space - any space - is duplication, that is items are stored in multiple locations making it very tricky to know where ANYTHING lives.

You probably notice every time you want to put something away or find something.  It can be impossible and really hard work!!   

During the Value phase (in the REVAMP process  - see below + video),  we are grouping and sorting before we buy anything so we can get a full appreciation of the VOLUME of stuff we are dealing with.  

I say it so often that it might sound like I am non-committal but it is true !!!  Until we know what we are dealing with, we don't know what solution to throw at the 'problem'. 

If you've ever bought containers first, you'll know this isn't the best way to go because you need to make sense of the chaos around you, get clear on what is truly important and what you need to have close at hand, vs what doesn't need to be in your space.  When you know what needs to be corralled, and the volume you're dealing with it is so much easier to move forward.

Once you go through that initial hard slog to identify what you have, what you want to keep and you can SEE the volume,  you can then declutter again what you need to and re-organise items in your preferred 'go to' spots.    When you know what you have,  where you need it to be, it is easier to set up and maintain your system - saving you a lot of mental energy and time in the long run.

Where to you start?

1. Put Pen to Paper Before you tackle any organising project, be sure to put pen to paper to note down these aspects of a space that are really frustrating.  Grab a pen and paper and note down:

R - remember the purpose of the space - ie how do you want this space to be? 
E - evaluate - what you love and hate!
V - value - what items do you need to create zones for?
A - assign - what items need to live where based on the flow?
M - maintain - how will you keep things in check and orderly?
P - party - how will you celebrate when you're done?

Watch the video below

2. Group and sort during the VALUE Phase
As you enter the VALUE phase you'll start grouping and sorting what you love vs hate.  It is important to group first then declutter.  Make life easier by using tubs or green recycling shopping bags so you can label them and leave them on the floor in the room you’re trying to declutter.

3.  Set up zones and flow during the ASSIGN Phase
As you enter the ASSIGN  phase set areas up based on how you use them and need them to work.

4. Focus on how to make things EASY during the MAINTAIN Phase
Once you've got the space sorted we need to make sure you've got systems set up to MAINTAIN things in an orderly manner.  For example, set aside 40 minutes once a month to purge your files and office. We accumulate a lot of documents both in our file cabinet and on our hard drive that we no longer need. Try to purge your files once a quarter or at least at tax time.
Let me know how you go!

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