Procrastination: a different perspective
by Louise D'Allura on October 7th, 2013

One of the things  I know about myself is I procrastinate.  Yes shock horror!  

I wanted to share with you my thinking around it and you may think I am denial - BUT - hear me out!

I am happy to do stuff - I have no problem getting through stuff.  I love work and I feel like I do a lot.  Heck I keep on adding things to my to do list....!!! (That's a topic for another day!) 

So when does procrastination pop up for me?
When I am deciding what to move forward with. Sounds pretty normal right?  

While there are theories galore, I think the most important and helpful thing I have done - is to understand WHY I do it.  Yep - each and everyone of us.  I've read a lot about procrastination and that was the most useful thing I did.  Actually notice - and get present to when and why I procrastinate.  I wanted to know - am I selective about what I procrastinate on? Is it hard stuff? Is it stuff that is more fun?

Well, here is what I found   
For me - it's selective procrastination, and in part, it helps me connect with my intuition.  I don't quite hear my intuition, but I've worked out for ME - this positive elements of procrastination -is my intuition showing up in life.  

It helps me work out which are those unnecessary tasks that I've packed onto my to do list.  If I am procrastinating it is a sign to check in - that perhaps moving forward is not the right thing to do or I need to rethink my plan.  

The tasks that stay on the list and don't move forward are ones that I am HESITATING on.   I can be hesitating for a host of reasons:
  • something doesn't feel right
  • I don't have enough information
  • I said yes when I really wanted to say no
  • I am unsure of how to move the idea/ project forward
  • I'm not convinced the way I've chosen is the right way to go about it
  • I need to talk to someone to sound it out
  • I don't have the skill set to do the job - if I am really honest with myself!
  • I have to outsource the task but I'm either not sure who or I haven't let myself relinquish control just yet - which means I've not documented the process clearly so I am NOT confident it will be done how I want/ need it to be done.

So this is what I've worked out for ME when I noticed and got present to where all of this was coming from.  Sure there are perfectionist tendencies at play. But hey, I'm recovering!!

So once I notice that's what's going on, I focus on identifying what aspect of the project or task I am struggling with.  I work out what's the very next thing I could do to get MOVING.  

I've got this tattooed on my brain - WHAT'S THE VERY NEXT THING I COULD DO TO GET MOVING? and  sometimes it is getting quiet and admitting - heck I really don't want to do this after all!?! If  this sounds like the type of procrastination you're struggling with I'd love to hear what you've noticed - when does it hit you?

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