Declutter Your Mind: Be a Mind Gardener!
by Louise D'Allura on July 24th, 2013

Hey Revampers!  Just HAD to share that I went to the most amazing workshop in Brisbane this month - Wired for Life with the amazing Martina and Susan from Mind Gardener.  

It was held at the beautiful Brisbane Powerhouse at New Farm - and I was really inspired to take this photo!!  How appropriate ;)

Now I have the book Wired for Life so I had an inkling that the session was going to be brilliant - and it was!  

It brought so many of the concepts richly to life - hearing things - using different sense really helped bring to life the content and meaning of the book.  The book is an awesome resource that provides additional areas that I will now go back and re-read.

The workshop really helped to highlight the how to stop being on autopilot.  Quite simply the Mind Gardener girls are all about helping us to literally WAKE UP and THINK DIFFERENTLY! 

And Wake Us Up they did.  I went to the session with another Professional Organiser buddy and we both felt how relevant this information is to the process of decluttering.  
So often we JUMP TO ACTION - ie buy containers because we think that is what will make us be organised.   If you've worked with us before - or have worked through our R-E-V-A-M-P process before, you will know that we always encourage you to STOP AND NOTICE!  Why do you do what you do. Be fully present and NOTICE - in essence WAKE UP!!!

This is the key also when we are trying to embed new habits.  The Mind Gardener girls talked a lot about this and how creating new habits requires us to be even more disciplined in our thinking - why??? Because as we know we LOVE BEING ON AUTO PILOT.... do I really have to THINK?  YES - if you want to create new habits.

As many of you will know (as I often share this with Revampers) my biggest area of clutter is habit clutter - ie the habit of worrying!  The strategies I learnt in the workshop really are so brilliant to help with this.  AND that is only ONE - application.  If you can get to a workshop in your area (throughout Australia and NZ) you really need to GO!!!  It was worth every cent and more!!

It will literally set you up well to WAKE UP, Think Differently and GROW!!

Check out the details for other Australian and NZ locations  here

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