When your schedule doesn't match your priorities
by Louise D'Allura on May 5th, 2013

We received a question from one of our Revampers via our Facebook page.  I know they aren't the only ones to experience it so I am sharing it with you here.

"What do you do if your schedule doesn't match your priorities yet you feel stuck and not able to change it?"

Without knowing nuts and bolts, I'd have to say work out what your priorities are. Your time and how you use it ultimately tells us WHAT our priorities are - there is that saying we ARE what we repeatedly do. If our priority/ value is health, yet our schedule doesn't allow us to fit in some time to undertake those practices we consider important and essential for health, then we have to CHANGE that schedule. We have to look at what the priorities are and put in those things in FIRST into your schedule.

We have to look at everything that consumes time in your life and work out if and how it deserves to be there.  We describe clutter as anything that you are holding onto which is no longer relevant or useful - and it can be any obsolete object, space, commitment or behaviour that weighs you down, distracts you or depletes you! It can be in
your space, schedule or habits.

So if there are commitments that take up a lot of your time, work out if you REALLY need to DO the task? If you're doing it out of obligation - really work out what's the pay off - WHY WHY WHY are you doing it? If you can work out that you don't need to do it - DELETE IT - get it off your list of commitments.

If you still need to do it - work out are you REALLY the best person to do that task? If someone else could do it quicker, better, faster etc then DELEGATE it - or swap a task with someone!!

If you have to do the task - ask do you have to do it now/ soon/ yesterday?? Sometimes we take on tasks and THINK when it needs to be done but we can actually DELAY it.

Lastly if you REALLY STILL DO have to do it - can you DIMINISH it - ie do you have to go to the degree you were planning to do it, or could you do a quick and dirty version that gets the job done?? Sometimes you just need to get a concept or commitment right, or you might need to adjust HIGH STANDARDS.

So these are just some initial ideas - the crucial thing is your schedule and priorities have to be tweaked on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis. As we get in new information throughout our day sometimes we have to TOSS all our plans out the window.

I'd love to hear where you can have flexibility in your schedule and where you need structure to perform some set things?   Put your comments in the comments box below.

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