Creating Habits
by Louise D'Allura on April 17th, 2013

This year I am delving a lot into the science and psychology of habits and mindfulness.  I am interested in the research and exploring how the habits we have already created can act as a springboard for new ones.  Habits are always tricky in the beginning because we have to remember to do them! This is where mindfulness can help us be more organised - we can recall things better when we're being fully present.

The Ultimate Habit Tip:  Start smaller than small and create an anchor
There is some interesting research coming out of Stanford university that is showing it’s all the teeny tiny steps you do everyday that help you get the big things done.  Focus on doing one teeny tiny action towards your goal.  As for when to do the task, they are investigating if you anchor a new habit to immediately AFTER you complete an ingrained habit, your chances of remembering to do it improves dramatically.

The example they gave was if you want to start jogging in the morning, find a task you do every day that is completely ingrained/ you do on auto pilot (e.g. putting the kettle on), and just start one thing you need to do to make your walk possible - ie put your sandshoes on!  So immediately after you put the kettle on - put your shoes on. You don't need to actually jog just yet - you're just trying to create teeny tiny stepping stones.

Organising is a lot like this too.  If you start small and anchor a new habit to an ingrained one, you're on your way!

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