Time Realist or Time Optimist?
by Louise D'Allura on March 14th, 2013

Every one of us has 168 hours in a week - no more, no less.  Why is it that some people seem to get so much done, while some of us struggle to do the basics?  

Depending on which side of the spectrum you sit, your either a time realist or a time optimist.

Time optimists are prone to under estimating the amount of time tasks really take, and can take on way too much, why?  Because we are Time Optimists we can do it all! 

Time realists on the other hand know how much time they have and they have worked out what is manageable in that space.  Where the task is big, they’ve broken it down into smaller tasks and allocate time for each one.  They know it makes the job manageable and achievable, so they don’t set themselves up for failure!    They’ve scheduled it into their day (diary) and they stick to it.  If an emergency comes up, they reschedule the task/ activity into another time. They are also ok with saying no to requests that don’t align to their priorities.  Time realists have got it together!

So how do we grow our time management muscles?  We exercise them of course!  This exercise will help you get better at estimating so we can become Time Realists:
  • Choose 3 tasks/ activities to do this week
  • Estimate how long you think it might take
  • Time the activity + Note the % difference

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