Time Management: Where does your time go?
by Louise D'Allura on February 24th, 2013

 We are so used to the routine of our days that we don’t notice how we could be using our time in a better way.  Routine has a habit of allowing us to function on auto pilot. We assume we’re doing things the best way because that is the way they have always been done!

I don't know about you but time is one of the resources I am not a natural at 'organising' - so I really do understand my client's struggles with time. 

There are a few strategies that you can use to help get on top of time - and that is routines.  Having routines is the only way I find that life can run - not like clock work, but it does help me keep on track, so I know where I need to be and what I need to be doing.

There are two simple questions I want you to ask yourself.  I have asked myself these (and I share that with you below):

1) What do I wish you had more time for? 
You won't have to think hard on this question - the answers will come flooding in!

For me it has always been exercise, and my excuses were around I can't afford it (ie as a combination of time and money).  Now that I am working on my routines I go for a walk at least 4 days a week, dance class once a week and yoga once a week.  I realised it was me that was getting in the way.
2) What do I spend WAY too much time on?
Work out what it is for you - and it is likely to be habits that aren't particularly helpful - TV? Perfectionism? Procrastination?

For me it is perfectionism, and procrastination and working! I love what I do - helping my clients simplify everyday life is a joy - I truly love it.  But perfectionism kicks in and then I procrastinate because it won't be perfect even thought it is 99% done.....!  This means I work a lot more than I need to!  NOT SMART at all.  So I've got help on board for key discrete projects, and there are more tasks I'm yet to streamline.  I know doing this in other areas will make a huge difference to my feelings of keeping on top of it all!

What are your struggle areas?

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