Want to Save Time and Eat better?
by Louise D'Allura on September 3rd, 2012

What your Meal Planning Personality says about your Time Management?

As you know our Meal Planning Personalities recognize we each have a dominant Meal Planning Personality that influences how we approach meals and menu planning.  Identifying your Meal Planning Personality allows you to get organized around food in a way that is right for you, so you eat healthy and save time.
This is also true for how you manage your time!
I recently bit the bullet and discovered my Time Management Style by taking the Pink Shoe Power Profiler.   I was a little unsure at first as to how helpful or accurate it would be, but I was amazed at how spot on it was for me.   I love knowing my Time Management Style because it just makes so much sense (I’m a Last Minute Lucy and Driven Diana – quite the combo!!).

I have been able to re-evaluate my current time management habits and make sure I am doing only what WORKS!  It was great to get that advice specific for ME and Time Management Style so I know the strategies I need to be using to help keep me on track and get the most out of my time.  If you really want to get more things done AND have more time for you, then knowing your Time Management Style is a great step forward!

What I also discovered was when you know your Time Management Style, it adds an extra dimension to your Meal Planning Personality and where you need to be careful so you don’t trip yourself up!  For example, my  Menu Planning Personality is Intuitive and as my Time Management Style is a Last Minute Lucy, I know I’m likely to give myself too little time for food shopping or preparation, and combine that with being a Driven Diana - doing everything I said I would do, I will get so absorbed I’ll forget to go shopping!  So as an Intuitive (in the Meal Planning Personality Profile) who never knows what I will feel like eating, having the ingredients on hand to create quick and easy meals is CRUICIAL!  Days when I’m not up against a deadline are perfect for preparing meals in advance and freezing them so I have them on hand when I’m under pressure. Otherwise it is way too easy for this Personality/Style combination to reach for junk food or call for takeaway!

If you want to find out your Time Management Style, here’s a link that will take you to the Pink Shoe Power profiling tool to identify your Time Management Style or combination of Styles!  I highly recommend it and use it myself!

I love the personalized report with all the details about your Style (or Styles if you’re a combination like me): your strengths and challenges and some of the best strategies for your Style to help you get in control of your time.  I have found that the advice is spot on and very valuable because it helps you to know what are the best strategies for YOU based on HOW you think and approach time.  It SAVES time because you know what you need to do so it will work for you.

I highly recommend their book, Time Management Styles: What they Mean for your Success in Business and Life. It gives you an overview of the 5 Time Styles, their strengths and challenges and includes clever strategies for your Style or combination of Styles.  Here’s a link if you want to get a copy or find out more. 

Once you’ve taken the Pink Shoe Profiler, be sure to let me know what your Time Management Style is, as well as what you are in the Meal Planning Personality Profile!

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