Disorganisation CAN get you into trouble
by Louise D'Allura on April 20th, 2012

Recent events in Queensland this week go to show just how disorganisation can get you into trouble!  Queensland Premier Campbell Newman dumped Gympie MP David Gibson as Police Minister over allegations he drove while suspended.

Now I'm the first to admit I've missed paying a bill, but what's interesting is according to reports in The Courier Mail Gympie MP David Gibson would have received at least FIVE letters of warning about a speeding fine incurred in May or June 2011, and he admitted to be in receipt of at least ONE of those.

So while we might all be guilty of missing a bill once in a while, missing FIVE notifications is a whole other story!!!  It is a sign that his current system – or lack of paperwork system has let him down - BIG TIME!!!!

Statistics show that being disorganised has a huge impact.   The Wall Street Journal reported on a survey of 1000 middle managers of large companies in the U.S. and U.K found that 59% miss important information almost every day because it exists within the company but they cannot find it.  Another survey of 2,600 executives found they waste six weeks per year searching for lost documents (FastCompany Magazine, 8/2004)

Recent events highlight just how much of an impact overlooking your paperwork can have on your career.  

So here are some tips to revamp your paperwork processes and keep out of trouble:
  • Create an Arrivals Lounge – in your usual drop/ dumping spot get yourself a tray, basket, shelf or drawer. Don’t worry about opening your mail – or making a decision on it just yet.  Then again if you see something that looks like official Government corresspondence you might want to open it....
  • Set aside regular times so you can see what the paper needs you to do.  This is really important because if we waited until we felt like it, we’d never do it!! 
  • Learn the ART of Paper.  Now you have your allocated paperwork time – you’re now ready to send that paper on it’s way based on the ART of paper
  • Act file (subcategories for your regular ACTION files are really good e.g. Bills to pay would be a handy one)
  • Reference files (subcategories such as Home – with insurance, Car – registration, repairs, paid fines) or
  • Toss into Archive or Shred/bin. 
The trick is you do have to make time to create some order to your paperwork but I think recent events really go to show that it can have a HUGE impact on your career.

Well I think it does anyway - what do you think?  Is it a case of disorganisation impacting upon a career?

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