My favourite office organising tool
by Louise D'Allura on January 29th, 2012

I'm sure I've said it before, but just incase I haven't declared it enough - I LOVE magazine holders (AKA magazine files) - just like this gorgeous purple one from Smiggle. They are perfect for paper pilers like me. Even though I am a professional organiser I have a natural inclination to pile papers!

One of the best organising tools I have found to tackle paperwork in my office are magazine holders. It suits me perfectly because it means I can PILE WITH PURPOSE, and it gives me my space back! Instead of having piles on every flat surface ALL the time, I can pop the paper (or book) into it's dedicated home! When I want it, I can grab it.

I think this snippet from the kikki.K website sums it up perfectly: "Removing unsightly piles of magazines and papers in your space improves the flow of energy leading to greater piece of mind and feelings of control. With the clutter gone, you'll be more creative and productive." AND guess what - It's all TRUE! Well, ok it is true for me that is.

I find that my desk can sometimes get out of control with a few piles of discrete projects. When that happens it is a reminder to me to create a new home for this project if I don't have one (ie get a new magazine holder!) OR put the items back into their dedicated file.

If your a paper piler you might like the idea of using Magazine Holders to create a more productive and creative office space. I find it so handy - if I find something that could be useful for a project I can just pop the document/ book or note to self into the file for when I want to work on that project, vs letting papers pile up on my desk. I keep all the magazine holders on bookshelves and just call them forth when I want to work on them.

Every so often thought I do need to make sure I go through my Project files (AKA The Buffet) and weed out unnecessary or out of date paper.

Magazine holders really can add a bit of style or colour and personality to any space. Here are some fab looking magazine holders that I think the paper pilers out there just might like!

Stylish as Always:
kikki.K from $14.95

Organising Brightly:
Smiggle from $6.95
Typo from $6.95

Options galore:
Officeworks Philosophy range from $10

I'd love to know how you go!!

Image from Smiggle

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