Are you on the RIGHT track?
by Louise D'Allura on January 5th, 2012

I don't know about you but I do a lot of planning at this time of year - business plans, action plans, you name it.

I am careful to make sure I include goals that relate to how I want to live and work too.

While I look back over 2011, I achieved quite a few goals, including achieving Accreditation as an EXPERT Professional Organiser. I'm incredibly proud of this achievement that you all supported!!

Now while I didn't quite achieve some of the standards I set and I'm not further down the track of where I wanted to be in some areas (classic over achiever...), at least I know I'm on the RIGHT track! What a relief. And quite honestly, I can say I am where I am and I'm ok with that!

If you're planning for 2012 too, and want to get on the RIGHT track, you'll be delighted to know about a program we are kicking off later this year with Australian Author and Coach Kerrie Phipps - Revamp and Create the Life YOU Want!

Last year we hosted a call to help you kick start your thinking about 2012 and let you know about the program.

Please let me know ASAP if you’d like a free mp3 recording of the call because it was incredible! Kerrie asked such insightful questions to get us thinking, and it was so inspiring to hear of the success clients on Kerries recent program had (including Lea from Christchurch!!!!).

Lea completed Kerrie’s recent Success With Confidence coaching program (I supported it with learning calls). Lea inspired us all with her comeback from the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch. Lea wasn’t alone – each of Kerrie’s clients made significant changes - new jobs, great new clients, amazing office spaces, increased confidence and clarity.

About the Revamp and Create the Life Program
I’m really excited about the unique 3 month coaching program we’re launching as it has been specifically designed to help you over a three month period to declutter your thinking, your time and your space, to make room for what really matters most.

We work together over 3 months starting with:
  • a one on one session with Kerrie to clarify your goals, then
  • Group Coaching calls to declutter your thinking
  • Group Learning calls to declutter your space and time. We'll give you the tools and strategies you need to get organised, save time and boost your health and your productivity.
  • Loads of practical resources to help you declutter your thinking, your time and your space! and
  • Creative Focus Sessions to help you when you get stuck!

Don’t forget just contact us if you want the recording so you can plan for 2012 and find out about the program.

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