Lunchbox foods and behaviour?
by Louise D'Allura on January 4th, 2012

A UK Government-funded study confirms what many parents have long suspected - some of the chemicals put into everyday foods and drinks can cause temper tantrums, sleep disturbance and disruptive behaviour.
How much do you really know about what’s actually in the foods you eat?

I am very excited to announce I am running our very popular Food for a Happy and Calm Household seminar where parents and educators discover some alarming surprises in everyday healthy food choices.

I really love this session and I keep it fun and informative - over the 2 hour seminar. I really do appreicate that your investing your time to come and learn about better options for your family.

We cover lots in the two hours:
  • Which food additives are linked to health, learning and behaviour problems (including asthma and hyperactivity).
  • How easy it is to shop smarter and still stay sane.
  • How to read and interpret food labels so you know which additives are worth avoiding.

We will also have Lucky Door Prizes and light refreshments (on arrival). Another really important tool that everyone loves to take away is the handy Additives to Avoid card. It really does help to make shopping easier!

We've got a great deal going if you'd like to buy your tickets online! Be sure to check out the event page for full details. I really look forward to seeing you there!

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