Does disorganisation cause havoc in your life - at work and at home?
by Louise D'Allura on August 2nd, 2011

One thing I know for sure as a home economist and having worked in workplace health - is this - clutter and disorganisation impacts upon your health and wellbeing in a very, very real way.

It adds stress to your already busy life. It saps your energy and it can be really difficult to find the motivation to tackle other important jobs.

Have you ever noticed as soon as you put something down - anywhere - it's like a silent signal gets emitted into the universe and before you know it, a stack of all sorts of other random items have accumulated around it too?! How crazy is that?!

Feng Shui experts say that clutter has a really sticky energy to it and I can absolutely vouch for that. Chances are if you've ever been into a space and you felt too overwhelmed by the clutter, it means you've felt that stuck sticky energy that hangs around clutter.

What is disorganisation/ clutter stopping you from getting to at home (cooking healthy meals, hobbies) or for your business (marketing, strategic planning)?

To help you tackle this, here are some of our tips to get you on your way:
  • Everything in your home or office needs to have a home -- a place that is logical and close to where you use/ or look for an item. If it is an item you use for every day, you need it to be within easy reach and readily accessible for everyday use. Other stuff like archive documents or kitchen appliances you use occasionaly are best stored in an out-of-the-way area.
  • It is a good habit to train your ITEMS to return home ;) When an object strays from its 'home,' it can easily be lost, and these items build-up in random locations.
  • Pick one area that if you worked on would make LIFE SIMPLE - in your WORK life or your HOME life. Choose ONE AREA that you rely on daily. This might be your pantry; your incoming mail zone; your paperwork flow. It might even be your time. Whatever is causing you the biggest grief - stop wasting your precious time, your energy and your money tolerating a really really inefficient system. Don't waste another day - pick an area and allocate 30 minutes to PLAN how you will tackle it - break it down into little jobs and schedule it in. Focus on one thing at a time instead of cluttering your mind with multiple tasks. Multi-tasking is overrated!!
  • Once you've achieved a win - set aside a regular time to do a quick straighten up - 10 minutes is often enough to do a quick mad dash to pop things away - get the family and your staff (at the office) involved and responsible for their own items.

If it seems too hard - supercharge your efforts and call us! So many of my clients tell me they should have called us years ago. We focus specifically on creating systems around your kitchen and meal planning and streamlining and simplifying your paperwork and office.

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