Get Organised and Return the Gift of Unwanted Holiday Weight Gain
by Louise D'Allura on December 27th, 2010

Did Santa leave some extra kilos under the tree this year for you too? If you’re like the average person, chances are you gained between 1-3 kilos during the feast-ive season!

If you want to get off the FEASTive eating and drinking roller coaster, treat each meal in its own right. At this time of year your goal needs to be make healthy food choices when you can. Some nights you might just end up eating a handful of tiny quiches for dinner. The goal is to make sure you eat healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks and don’t forget to look at portion sizes.

With New Year’s on the way, do what you can in the days leading up to it to focus on eating healthy foods at every meal you can. So instead of eating left over cheesecake for breakfast, eat your normal cereal and fresh stone fruit.

If you’ve started thinking about your resolutions for 2011 why not add ‘get organised for healthy eating’ to your list?

Getting organised is one of the proven methods for losing weight. We don’t often realise it but the way we organise our lives has a big impact upon our health. In an Australian survey on obesity, one in five experts ranked time pressure as the single most important social trend underlying the rising rates of obesity.

If you need a hand, why not sign up for our online Get Organised for Healthy Eating in 21 Days Program?

It kicks off with a one-on-one phone consultation with Home Economist/ Nutritionist and Accomplished Professional Organiser Louise D’Allura to get you in the right headspace so we can uncover the stumbling blocks, and allows Louise to strategise and prioritise the 6 fundamentals she wants you to focus on during the 21 day program. Over the 3 weeks you'll get an e-class that takes you through each fundamental and how to integrate your learnings into your life! Here’s a sneak peak of the 6 fundamentals you’ll learn:

Fundamental 1: Know your food philosophy.
Knowing this unlocks why you are eating in the first place!

Fundamental 2: Get knowledgeable about your food and how to cook it.
This is really about cutting the clutter and get back to basics!

Fundamental 3: Get your kitchen and pantry organised
Get started just by looking for items out of date, and what healthy grab and go snacks you have on hand?

Fundamental 4: Menu planning your way.
This is all about stop fighting who you are! If you have a hard time with meal planning, take the free quiz to uncover your menu planning personality.

Fundamental 5: Eat well, often, mindfully and being a conscious cook
We tend to eat out of habit. If you’ve ever gone a party and eaten snacks constantly or eaten popcorn during the movies, you know what mindless eating is all about.

Fundamental 6: Move more!
At this time of year we feel pulled in different directions and unfortunately the thing that tends to drop off our list of priorities is ‘me’ time or workouts. Do what you can to keep moving.

Visit our website for full details but for only $97 it is a bargain!

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