How to Get Organised, 10 minutes at a time!
by Louise D'Allura on December 2nd, 2010

Have you noticed how more chaotic life seems to get as soon as we start the count down to Christmas?

If you're feeling like there is no chance to get an organised life because you just can't find the time, here are 10 ideas you can do in 10 minutes to help you keep organised and feel a little bit in control.

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Disorganised Folders?
  • Set aside one minute per folder and recycle any papers you no longer need

Junk Draw Power Purge
  • Set your oven timer for ten minutes, grab a garbage bag, open the junk drawer, pick through anything no longer needed and toss it in the garbage. When the timer ends, you stop and take your bag of unwanted items to the bin.

I just don't love you anymore
  • Go through your wardrobe and choose five articles of clothing you never wear. Yes - only five!!! No more no less! Put them in a donation bag, to be given to your favourite charity.

Toys reunited
  • This is one you and the kids can do. Set the timer on your oven and walk around your home with a box/ green shopping bags and put in any stray toys. Once the timer goes - STOP!! Putting them away is tomorrow's 10-minute organising project!

Get ahead
  • Ok can I confess I get behind in birthdays if I haven't done this. Write out all of your birthday, anniversary and other greeting cards for one month. Address them, stamp them and send them out.

Book it in!
  • Set aside a regular 10 minutes a week as your book it in time. Whether you've been meaning to make an appointment with a doctor, your accountant, a repairman or a friend, taking a regular 10 minutes to do this helps you keep organised.
  • You might also want to add call Louise at Revamp to book in a free one consult after Christmas/ in January to get organised in 2011.

Crazy Cluttered Inbox full of Emails!
  • I struggle with this one too, so set an alarm on your phone for 10 minutes for a power purge of your cluttered inbox to delete emails you no longer need.

I'm sure there was a flat surface here...
  • Whether the surface is a table, a dresser, a desk or an ottoman, remove any clutter so you can actually see the surface again! File any papers needing filing, return any stray items to their rightful homes and toss any junk.

Bathroom Beauty
  • This is a great 10 minute job. Take a look and toss out any old makeup and ones you never use, expired prescriptions and anything else you don't need! Clear benchtops are a step towards creating your own day spa!

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