Clutter free gift ideas
by Louise D'Allura on November 4th, 2010

With research showing 88 per cent of homes have at least one cluttered room, and the average home having three or more cluttered rooms, where you can, try and choose gifts that don’t add too much clutter to your family, friends or children's teacher’s lives!! Just by thinking outside the box there are some great gift ideas that won’t add clutter!

1. Gift cards
There are lots of giftcards on the market now - everything from donations, through to iTunes, to experiences like hot air balloon rides! Giftcards mean the gift recipient can get exactly what they want vs what you think they want!

2. Gourmet lovers
Do you know someone who loves tea or coffee. Why not put together a little gift basket of a few different types of specialty teas or coffees, with gourmet biscuits? If you can – resist the urge to buy a cup or teapot - unless you know they want one and the style they like!

3. Pampered Kings and Queens
This is a great one! Perfect for overworked family members or your child's favourite teacher! Afterall what teacher wouldn’t appreciate a gift certificate for a massage to melt away the stress of the year?

4. Socially aware
If you or someone you know is passionate about a cause, consider making a donation to a charity on their behalf. If you’re not sure which one, choose a charity that offers unconventional gifts!

At Revamp we choose to support Opportunity International - an organisation that provides microcredit or a micro loan to help people in India, Indonesia and the Phillipines start or grow their own small business. The majority of loans are taken out by women so they can earn an income to afford food, clean water, proper shelter and an education for their children. What's great is as each business grows, loans are paid back and lent out again. With 97% of loans repaid, the cycle continues, year after year. Each successful business feeds a family, employs more people and eventually helps empower a whole community. How good is that?

5. Ecofriendly or Organic Gardeners
If you know a keen gardeners, or wanna be gardener, why not buy them some gardening supplies. This might include packets of vegetable seeds (organic heirloom varieties if you can), and accompanying companion plants and flowers to keep the bugs away!

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg, once you start thinking the possibilities are endless!

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