Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas
by Louise D'Allura on September 1st, 2010

Despite the benefits of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, many of us neglect breakfast.  Breakfast literally means break the fast from your previous meal - usually 6-14 hours prior. 

After almost 7 years of marriage I have finally convinced my beloved to eat breakfast! He loves telling me that eating the porridge I make doesn't make him feel like vomiting!  Lucky I love him!   The classic symptoms of low sugars include mild headaches, dizziness, mild nausea and poor concentration. The great news is he now finds that he is hungry at all the 'normal' eating and snack times.  He has experienced that our metabolism really does need a ‘kick start’ in the morning so that all our metabolic processes can easily occur throughout the day.  

Is your morning routine playing havoc?  
Statistics show 22% of Australian parents admit their children often skip breakfast before school.  Researchers have found that children who eat breakfast are faster thinkers, get better marks, are more assertive, and are less likely to be fidgety and irritable!!

Do you want to create a less frazzeled morning routine so that you have time to get breakfast in?  The good news is – it can happen!  It takes preparation, routine, delegation, and a sense of humor!  At those times you feel like giving up – just remember you are teaching  your children skills that will last a lifetime.  

So, our top tips to have less frazzeled mornings (summarised from a two page tip sheet) are summed up as: 
  • Observe your routine 
  • Create a landing zone/ departure lounge for keys and bags (same spot each time) 
  • Start preparing the night before. 
  • Create a routine to streamline your morning keeping timewasters in mind
  • Delegate any tasks where possible – pick age appropriate tasks.

Our Top Picks for Breaky
  • Cooked porridge (great for winter and spring) 
  • Natural Muesli and skim milk
  • Bircher Muesli (add yoghurt and fruit the night before – leave in fridge - great for spring)
  • Shredded wheat biscuits (e.g. weet-bix) with fruit, milk and yoghurt
  • Raisin toast - topped with ricotta and chopped banana and strawberries
  • Wholegrain muffin/ toast with cheese and tomato
  • Fruit smoothies (can do some prep the night before - cube your fruit and place it into a container).  Add a cup of plain yogurt and blend.
  • Boiled Egg sandwich (can cook eggs the night before and place in a container).  
  • Fruit salad with yogurt 
  • Yoghurt, natural muesli and fruit (keep small bags of muesli and fruit in the fridge next to the yoghurt so you can grab them and run!)

These quick and easy breakfast ideas can be made within minutes and are a much healthier alternative to skipping breakfast or grabbing a high fat alternative. 

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