6 Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals
by Louise D'Allura on February 16th, 2010

Do you feel like you've tried every diet out there and nothing works? Achieving your goals is easier than you might think!

The thing is sustainable weight loss isn't a quick fix - the trick is recognising that following a two week unrealistic diet might get the weight off but it won't stay off for good. Crash diets have done nothing to alter your lifestyle, and we know the best results happen when you incorporate change into your daily life.

The good news is with a little common sense eating you can still enjoy the foods you love! The best way to get you on the path to sustainable weight loss is to introduce small changes gradually and before you know it your on the path to healthier eating!!!

Here are some easy tips to try:

1) Try low fat milk. It is a great source of calcium, but without extra fat.

2) Cut down soft drinks. These things supply a lot of empty calories, so try replacing at least one soft drink a day with water. This will gradually get you used to less soft drinks and increase your water intake (remember we are aiming for around 2L a day).

3) Look at your portion sizes. Portion sizes seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days, and more often than not we don't even realise we're consuming more than we really need. Aim to fill at least half of your plate with vegetables. If you want to go for a second helping, go for the salads.

4) Have healthy snacks on hand to curb hunger or cravings in between meals. Grab a bottle of water and an apple or little packets of dried fruit whenever you go out.

5) Do you eat desserts everynight? If you do try having fruit instead and enjoying more elaborate desserts once a week.

6) Look for opportunities to start walking. If a regular exercise routine is difficult for you, strive to walk more often. Why not park further from the shopping centre so you have to walk a little distance. take the stairs instead of the elevator. While it is hot and humid take the walking inside and go for a walk with a friend at a shopping centre for an hour, then continue shopping. You can catch up, and exercise all at the same time!

By incorporating these habits one at a time, it is easier to incorporate them into your lifestyle. You don't need to do everything at once, so get used to one before you add another one.

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