Confessions of an organiser at Christmas ~ Part 1
by Louise D'Allura on October 25th, 2009

This week I found myself shocked to find Christmas decorations, wraps, lights and trees already set up in shops! Even though I am a professional organiser, it always surprises me how quickly Christmas comes around?!

This year I've decided to dedicate some of my blogs in the lead up to Christmas to focus on the important tasks and decisions that need to be made to help us ALL get ready for Christmas (yes me too - consider it like group therapy)!

So what do we need to work out this week?

The end of October is the perfect time to establish:

1) WHO do you need to book in and on what days?
See if you can start to sus out where you need to be on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day? Boxing Day? Knowing which days your dance card is full helps a lot!

2) What do YOU need to do for each Christmas event? Are you hosting or just bringing a dish?
Knowing this helps you to work out your tasks for the next few weeks! Do you need to pick a dish or plan a whole menu and work out who can bring what and which rooms of the house you must absolutely positively get organised vs which you can leave locked!

3) Presents!?
WHO needs to go on your list of naughty or nice? Why not take the lead from the big bloke in the red suit? If Santa starts out with a list - why don't you?! Don't worry about the WHAT to buy yet - just sort out WHO (and if you need to post any gifts).

The added benefit of getting in early means you can start to make suggestions to your family early instead of being on the back foot! If you all love buying and giving presents - Great! If it is something you absolutely hate, have some suggestions on hand to negotiate your way to a better Christmas present deal! Why not:
  • suggest the family buys gifts for the children only
  • set up a secret santa style gift for the adults
  • suggest a theme! This could be anything from donations to two or three charities that are meaningful to your family (e.g. Diabetes Australia, Anaphylaxis Australia) or gift cards!

4) To card or not to card - that is the question?
If you do write cards work out who and where do they live - overseas/ interstate/ locally. This way you know which cards you need to write first. Next week you might start looking around for gorgeous cards to buy. If on the other hand you are a crafty chick or guy, no doubt you are on the ball getting your stash of cards prepared!

So that's it - these are the four things I'm going to tackle this week!
Let me know how you go!

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