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Are you working or blogging or active in the cooking, health, fitness, organising, corporate wellness niches? All our products are written by our Director, Expert Professional Organiser and Home Economist, Louise D'Allura, so they contain loads of practical ideas that you can implement immediately!

If you'd like to tell your readers about our digital products we'd love to thank you by sending 30% your way for every digital product a client or reader buys.

About the program

Your Thank You Amount
We have a common affiliate setting for all our products sold via E-junkie. You'll receive 30% on all sales of those digital products/ guides.

Affiliate Code/ Tracking Sales
You'll get a unique affilate code that will enable you to use your link anywhere - in an email, a newsletter, in forums, and of course on a website! PLUS you'll still receive a thank you payment 6 months after a client/ reader revisits our site.

This is because we use E-junkie's standard model of Hop Links. When you click your Hop Link, you will not see your ID anywhere on the seller's page, nor is that necessary to credit you for the sale, and the buyer does not even need to purchase anything immediately after clicking your link.

Clicking your Hop Link sets a cookie in the buyer's browser which expires in 6 months, then we redirect them to the seller's page. Every affiliate-eligible product that buyer purchases from that seller during the life of that cookie will earn you a commission, even if they go back to the seller's site directly later without clicking through your link again.

Affiliate Support Centre
We have a small but growing collection of resources to help you. We also offer personalised support to help you get the most out of our guides and resources!

All affliate payments are made within 4 weeks of the month's end using a PayPal mass payment. (e.g. commission for sales made in January would be paid out end of February). Just make sure you enter your PayPal email address in E-junkie! (in Affiliate Admin > Edit Profile)

If you'd like to know more about the E-junkie processes, please click here to keep reading the Help Page for loads more details.

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