Additive Alert

Your Guide to Safer Shopping

The Essential Information about what’s really in the food you eat, which additives to avoid and why. This book explains clearly and simply which food additives are linked to health problems or banned because of safety concerns, and also shows you how easy it is to avoid them in your shopping.

A must have book and a great gift for anyone who cares about their health and especially anyone responsible for feeding children. Comes with handy Additives to Avoid card to make your shopping simple.

$30 (includes registered postage within Australia)

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Additive Alert Educational Talks

Do you know what's really in the food you're eating?

Did you know everyday products contain food additives that are proven to cause hyperactivity in children? Julie Eady's best selling book Additive Alert - Your Guide to Safer Shopping highlights every year Australians consume at least 5kg of food additives each.

How many of us really know what these chemicals do, which ones are safe and which ones are known to be harmful? Make life easy - contact us today to book an Additive Alert presentation to find out which additives to avoid and why.

Our Director, Louise D'Allura, is an approved Additive Alert Community Talks Presenter in Queensland. The Additive Alert presentations are perfect for information nights at preschools, childcare centres, schools, playgroups, and school tuckshops; mothers groups, pregnant women and women contemplating pregnancy.

The workshops are available at a set low cost, and you'll find out:
  • facts about the way our foods have changed
  • which food additives are linked to health problems, especially in children
  • where harmful additives are hiding in our everyday foods
  • how to shop smarter, avoid harmful additives and improve your health.

We'll show you how to make wise food choices and how to improve your eating habits. The book Additive Alert - Your Guide to Safer Shopping is also available for sale. Contact us for more information.
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Additive Alert
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